Friday, November 5, 2021

Swamp Rabbit Trail

 We returned to Greenville, South Carolina and were yet impressed again. It is an amazing urban renewal success story. An energetic mayor in the 90's was able to romance banks and other companies, like BMW and Michelin, to the general area and embarked upon a great redo of the city.  A new theatre brought Broadway road shows and restaurants followed. Fine restaurants. It is a surprise to find culinary center.

The downtown was built around the Reedy Creek Falls as its centerpiece and the new downtown was built around that. While the dining was fun, we came to ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It is a terrific biking/walking path that runs from Greenville to Travers Rest, SC. 

Here's some photos:

downtown park below the Falls area

A "swamp rabbit" sculpture stuffed with plastics waste.

The Falls in the center of downtown.

A nice tree laden section of the ride.

Food and beer along the way.