Thursday, December 29, 2016


Well, here we are about to welcome the third year, (not full year, but date year), of our RV travels. We return tomorrow from Raleigh to Kissimmee, FL to rejoin our rig from temporary storage and continue the adventure. We have been taking a Christmas break from the road to spend time with our daughter's family in Raleigh, NC, where we will settle in Autumn of 2017 after we complete our RV time. It has been quite a time in Raleigh. Number one grand daughter announced upon our arrival that "this will be the best Christmas ever!" It proved to be that. Wonderful family time. We celebrated amidst cartons as they were able to secure and move into a new home just prior to our arrival. The house is darling and perfect for them and we and they are so happy. We decided to take a day to look at available houses in our target area of Fearrington, NC. This  about 45 minutes from Raleigh and it is a steadily growing, yet contained development within the Pittsboro, NC area targeting folks in our age group and is so well done. We hit that danger zone of "just looking" and found our ideal home and, well, we bought it. We must be nuts to buy a home and then leave it vacant for some months, but the market is hot there and this is the place we want. We will still winter in Florida, spend some time in Spring at our new place as we work northward, summer in Maine then work back to Fearrington in early Autumn 2017 to take full occupancy. So, the Vilia Adventures continue! Once back to Kissimmee we will work our way to the mid section of the Keys to Marathon Key, FL to hopefully fool Mom Nature about winter and enjoy some warmth. Will wander other parts of south FL after our two weeks there.
More to come as we continue.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Grand Floridian Oak.

Here we are for a stopover at Big Oak RV Park in Tallahassee. Easily named for this big ole buck of a tree, set right center in this campground.

We Have Survived The Onslaught

Camping close to the beach at Destin, FL. Heavy weather incoming. Tornado watch in effect. 3 AM Dec 6th  I am awakened by the wail of the banshees. Howling winds, large Florida raindrops slapping against the side of our RV. It is raining vertically. My guess, 50 MPH gusts. Kudos to the design of Keystone RV, nary a drop of water made its way indoors. But, we had a few moments of wondering if we would be blown over. It could have been that strong.

This is the most intense weather we have experienced in our 17 months of our road travel. Grateful to have made it through. Now hoping all the fine grit sand that came with the winds and rain does not cause issues with moving RV parts down the road…