Thursday, August 24, 2017

Central High AR

Central High School in Little Rock....think this was the first national news story that I was aware of as a youth. Beautiful building built in 1927....In 1957 9 black students attended....the governor used the Arkansas National Guard to stop the black students from entering. THis really pissed off Eisenhower who sent in troops to make sure the students were allowed ugly period of nasty protesting against integration....with students being pushed down stairs and spit on by white students and parents. About 10 years ago I read "Warriors Don't Cry" as Amy was reading it for a class. A great read about this event. One of the amazing things that I just learned was that it was the first time TV station could broadcast on location....hooked right into the telephone wires. A very moving visit....Also note...inside Central many schools don't have any more.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Neither Bob nor I have never been big Elvis fans….but we were in Memphis so went to Graceland….it was a great period house…..He did like lavish and garish……interesting in that it is hardly very big by today standards…..Years ago I did like Elvis more when I heard Dean Martin was his favorite singer…I do listen to his gospel songs and ballads Interesting that he never won an grammy for his rock n roll music but did for his gospel music…..So many gold records and awards!!!

Miami Sea Aquarium FL

Felt like I was 12 years old again.....Flipper was my favorite show.....and it started my interest in Marine Biology....Unfortunately when I was at University of Connecticut I went to talk to a professor about Marine Biology......He told me...."oh Women don't do that".....I wasn't quite as spunky as I am now,so just said okay....We've come a long way baby!!!!

Siesta Sistas...and honorary one

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Orange-backed lapper bird

  1. Thanks to all the boaters on Coffee Pond who have made for safe swimming for me....I love when you signal that you see me....The orange-backed lapper bird seen at the southern end of Coffee Pond.

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Less than 2 months til wedding

Surprise Shower

More Poltrack fun....

More Jeff & Nahid enjoying Coffee Pond

Music with the of a number of nights!!

Eating Lobster and Maine sandwiches

Jeff & Nahid Enjoying Coffee Pond

And with Barbara....

Grand times with the fam...