Friday, May 26, 2017

Scene On The Street

I offered to help lift the bowl but he said he could do it himself. I was okay with that.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Regal Moth

Lucky to see this night creature on the entry door to our local grocery here in North Carolina one early AM.
Wonderful color and markings. If you are interested, google the caterpillar stage. It is one weird looking character...This one was about 3" x 3". It looked fake.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


We have been off the road in a long planned for derailment to initiate the finality of our move from the Napa Valley to the Triangle area of North Carolina. The remains of our household belongings, (we sold most of our furniture and boxes of household stuff before we hit the road), held in Napa storage have been delivered and mostly unpacked into our new home. We are not finished with our RV life just yet, though. More on that in a bit. We are very enthused about our new home and surroundings. In just the few weeks we've been here, we have discovered much to our delight. Cathy can pursue her athletic challenge of open water swimming at Jordan Lake, just minutes away. The UNC golf course is 12 miles and is a beauty. 2 miles away is a true Napolitano style pizzeria. I mean, how much better can life be?
We are here for family and we like the part of the country they chose. One of the things attractive here are the plentiful woodlands, They are such that it is stylish for home builders to nestle homes within. Here's a picture from our back window.
It is a bird filled wonder of a "back yard". There is not much yard.
In another week, we will bid an already sentimental farewell to this new home and resume our journey northward. We will have coastal stops in Virginia, New Jersey and Connecticut and then wind our way up to Maine for our summer. We will then slowly wander back to North Carolina and put a for sale sign on Vilia. Amazing for us to think we have done nearly two years of full time roaming in an RV.
It continues to be a life experience journey. We are enthused to resume it and, now, so comfortable with where we will be at the journey's end.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Stephen Foster

White Springs, Florida.
There is a very fine state park in White Springs alongside the Suwanee River. The park is an homage to Stephen Foster. Here's a tidbit of info on him.

Stephen Foster wrote more than 200 songs. Voice recording hadn’t been invented; there was no “music business.” He made pennies on the sale of a piece sheet music, but his songs seemed so classic, people assumed they were folk songs and he was not famous. He did not live in the South; he spent most of his life in Pittsburgh and New York. He died at 37 with 38 cents in his pocket.

I went to a symphonic presentation of his music some years ago and became a fan. The melodies he created are sublimely lovely, especially when presented in a classically arranged format.

Part of the park holds a museum to this great American composer.