Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Walk To The Edge

Our current campsite, Hadley's Point, is but 2000 feet from the edge of the Bar Harbor bay. I walked down the hill today. Here's a little pictorial.
First thing encountered was an old, overgrown cemetery.

Then a friendly hello.
Then some shore scenes:

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Last Day Of Summer, 2017

A bike ride on Rockefeller's Carriage Road at Acadia NP, Maine.

So, today it would become autumn at something like 4:20 PM. Why Can't they just say at midnight? Ah well, we had a nice ride along a portion of the road, created for personal enjoyment then given away to the public. It was a great gift from one of America's wealthiest at the time. We have seen this time and time again in our travels. Many of us do not pay attention to the fact that what we enjoy is made a reality because of the philanthropy of our citizens of wealth. So, thanks to the rich folks.

What happened here?

A mossy brook

And my fellow bike pal at our lunch spot at Bubble Pond in Acadia.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Evidence Left At Scene

All that remains of a lobster dinner. The rubber bands to keep the claws closed.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Quick Tour Of Rockport, ME

 Charming seaside town in Maine.

Just Sayin'

Napa, CA, where we started this RV journey, to our current location, Rockport, ME. 3,250 miles, if one were to drive it directly. We've been anything but direct, but we are here. What made me think of this is our morning.  We are fogged in as so often happens for this time of year in Napa Valley. Thin fog with some periodic sun at treetops. Then it closes in a bit, then opens up in the process of burning off, eventually. Ah, if I only had some toasted San Fran sourdough bread, a late season ripe tomato off the backyard vine and some mayo. A great way to welcome back the blue sky for a day like this.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I cooked...Gary Danko's Chateau Souverain Winery receipe....Purchase of winery by Beringer was why he was transferred to California in 1986

Bob has been doing all the cooking for the last 8-9 years.....Cinnie and he shared duties this summer...

Rattlesnake Mountain hike...Lake Sebego in view...

Campground at Kokatosi....4 miles from Cinnie and Bill....

Sign at local church


Tour of Orrs Island & Bailey Island...Thanks Bill

Deertree Theater...saw Patsy Cline tribute....and Portland Stage....saw 30's & 40's live music

Look what is still at CP....Amy and Tony wine glasses

Cinnie's Bday at Black Horse Tavern

It's not all fun at CP....Bill painting....Cinnie video Bob while he is singing....he played often....because he had such an appreciative audience...

Canasta...loved playing it on the deck....

Blueberrry Festival....Pie Eating contest was a hoot!

Brother and sister pic...iconic pic of Bill at Twinkle Time at CP

John Poltracks CP photos

Lounging is one of our favorite activities on Coffee Pond

Lounging is one of our favorite activities on Coffee Pond