Wednesday, June 28, 2017


We took a ferry from Highlands, NJ to New York and went on from there by subway to Brooklyn to visit with our son and his betrothed.  When we left camp at Bayville for the 50 mile or so drive to port, the skies were closing in. I checked local radar on a handy weather app and sure enough, we were about to get slammed. Camp to the Garden State Parkway was about 4 miles, and by the time we hit the entry ramp, rain was pounding down.  At one point, we were going 30 in this 65 zone. Could not see and wipers were on steroid setting.
With the magic of Nature by the time we hit the ferry port it was all clear. This was our sky and view as we approached our disembark in lower Manhattan at Wall Street. The Brooklyn Bridge is an American Classic by any standard. Had we not our luggage with us for the overnight stay, we would have walked it again. The pedestrian/bike top level is a great NYC experience.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lunch guest

Male visitor showing off for female as we ate lunch at campground....Fun to watch!

More Cousins

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Memorial

We are at the Jersey Shore. Miles of thick sandy beaches, near devoid of pebbles and shells, run north and south from here in Bayville, Berkeley Township.  New Jersey is amazing for that. As it is for being The Garden State. Blueberries as an example, I love them. I had two great bushes in my St Helena backyard. One of my dear memories of living there will always be going out back to pick blues with my young granddaughters. I love them, too. As it turns out, unplanned for, in our journey, we have followed the season. We’ve bought the anti-oxidant powerhouse, ( It’s that flavonoid, anthocyanin in the berry ), locally grown in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and now New Jersey along our way.  While Florida’s reign supreme for size and juiciness, their flavor was watery. New Jersey blues burst in the mouth with a delightful and tasty blueberry flavor. Yum. And they are nice sized, also. New Jersey is famous for other things. Like the extensive boardwalks that run along some beaches. They can be tacky, like Wildwood, but some, like nearby Seaside Heights, are a wonderful throwback to years gone by. Rows of pizza by the slice, ice cream, candy, fried clams, and arcade store fronts. Another thing New Jersey has fame for is organized crime of old…(and newday also). That brings me to this story. I go out to play golf at nearby Cedar Creek Golf Course. It is within a large park complex called Veteran’s Park. I am a single that is paired with another single, Anthony, and the cart pair of Ed and Bill. I find out quickly that Anthony and Bill are Vietnam Veterans. They play here because it is free for Vets. I loved hearing that. I am totally on board with veterans, especially combat experienced, having overflowing benefits. The more the better for these patriots is fine with me. So, Anthony, has two purple hearts, and a thick and wonderful NJ accent and has looks that could have landed him a spot on The Sopranos.
I am paired with him. Once he found out I had never played the course, he talked me around it with great info about where to aim tee shots, (the ball never goes where I aim, but it is fun to try), the contour of greens, etc. We get to hole 7 and he points out one of the few homes to be seen from this park and tells of the time that it was Al Capone’s Jersey home. Al Capone, what a shmuck, says Anthony. Then we get to 17, a short but severely upslope par three named “Heart Attack Hill”.  Anthony plays often here and has been with a regular group for many years. Their numbers have diminished and one of the pals didn’t make it past the hill here a few years ago. They established a memorial to him at the top. Someone in the group started leaving a golf ball by the plaque as a token of honor as they played the hole. Anthony said that the balls were constantly being stolen by passing players who had no idea why they were being left. A year ago or so, one in Anthony’s group suggested to arrange the balls in a cross. They have not lost one since then.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Lenape

Here we are in Bayville, New Jersey. I have made reference in this blog and its chronicle of our journey,  the unexpected enjoyment of receiving local TV as we have traveled along. In Bayville, at this Cedar Creek Campground,  we get a few NYC and a few Philadelphia stations, connected to camp cable.
So, this station from Philly has a history blip on and thay are talking about the Lenape. A Native American tribe of this area, the name translates as "The Original People". I'll say, This show is talking about excavating artifacts of human existence, (the Lenape, they are saying), that, when carbon dated, are shown to date back to 3500 BC. Here in the US?  Humans in 3500 BC? This is a bit new to me and my limited knowledge of history.  I'm fascinated. I wonder if they were growing Jersey corn and Jersey tomatoes back then...

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Not All Campsites Are Like This

Jordan Lake state park, North Carolina. This type of serenity is rare in an RV park in the RV camping world. We had stayed here for a few days waiting for our household goods, which had been in storage in Napa, CA for the last two years, to be delivered to our new home in NC.  It was a nice stop, with no neighbors.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Moon, Cape May, NJ

Pretty picture of the evening moon looking identical in tone to the evening clouds.

My Daughter Linzie

I have rarely encountered someone who shares the same last name as I. It is a rarity as far as surnames go. So here is my daughter I have never met. Glad she is doing well in broadcast news.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Reason #179 Why To Love America

Just seen on the morning news. An 8 year old boy who won Shark Tank funding for his franchise concept. The concept? Lemonade stands. A franchisee is provided a stand, which is faux wood, hee haw country architectural design and lemonade recipes, supplies and flavorings. Then they operate when they wish but under guidelines of the business. The set price for  a serving is $2.75. I hope it is very good lemonade.
8 year old starts his own business. Here in the USA.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Golf Carts

As we have camped around the US, we have happened upon some local styles and traditions in campgrounds where we have stopped along our route. We have encountered spots where folks bring their motorcycles with them and journey out daily en mass to cruise the roads and see the sights.  In Northern New Mexico we happened to be be in a campground for a couple of nights that was next door to BLM land that allowed off road vehicles and everyone, 'cept us, had dune buggy type of ATV's and were hell bent on gunning the engines and digging up Nature. We have been in campgrounds where the dominant ride was the peddled tricycle. Us seniors can't rely on balance all the time...
Here, at Chincoteague Island off the eastern shore of Virginia, it is golf carts. here is a small, very small sample of some seen over the Memorial weekend of 2017.

And how do they get them here? Not a great photo, but they drive 'em up on the back of their trucks.

Chincoteague Island, Virginia

This is a barrier island in north east Virginia. It was founded in 1650. That's a ways is also a ways ago from our western ventures in our RV emblematic by this photo from a Colorado campground of about a year ago:
As compared to our current camp site here in Chincoteague: