Monday, April 24, 2017

The Weather Delay

April 24th, 2017. We are in Mt. Pleasant, (indeed it is), South Carolina. 21 months into our RV journey. 
Today, after our week here of wonderful family visits, we were to head north, en route to more family visitation on Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

Per The Weather Channel, it is rain all the way, increasing in severity as one travels north. Like 5-8” of rain in 36 hours. Who wants to drive with an RV in that?

Amazingly, 21 months in, this is our first weather delay. We have been delayed by a few mechanical issues, but this is our first “we choose to” hang back.

The weather rolling by is intense in moisture but gentle in wind. It is accompanied by lazy thunder rumbling, and the occasional boom that you can feel.  One of Nature’s ways of touching us. This morning is a perfect time to laze about in a comfortable space. Our Vilia is just that.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Alleys, Courtyards, And Driveways Of Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina has one of America's loveliest downtowns. This is a small sample of just alleys, courtyards and driveways. The parks, architecture, streets, history, etc. are all wonderful.

I Used To Take Amateur Biotics

Ah, but my niece, who does research on the quality of contents from numerous manufacturers of health products, recommended a particular brand of well made pro biotic pills. It is good to be in the hands of a professional. For too long I have been anti biotics because I could not find a good one.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Google: World’s Official Argument Ender

Dateline: Charleston, South Carolina. Local News station reports: Studies show that couples go to Google an average of three times per week to settle arguments. See?

I was right after all! Ha!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Sunset over intercoastal waterway.....and view of it from our living room....did take the bike down after the first day for a better view!

Hardcore Beach Gal

My spot on a marginal beach day....windy, cool and cloudy....a beach walker came up to me and said..."I love a hard-core beach gal"...That's me!!!

St Augustine FL

Lovely campground in St Augustine Fl....the pier on the river was right next to our spot....short walk to the Atlantic Ocean....I love the Atlantic...will miss the dramatic, wild Pacific in Ca....but love the Atlantic....where you can play in the water and sit on the beach! I am counting it as one of the reasons that I am glad to be an East Coaster again!!!

Male Friend

A male visitor showing off for a female while we ate dinner at our to watch...

More Cousins

  1. More Cousins....Fun time with Walter and Diana.....spent much time with my Aunt Ruth's family growing up.....Walter was my big cousin and brother Billy was my age....took the buss with them and my sister in 1959 to Florida to visit my grandparents...stayed 4 weeks!! So many stories!!! If I even mentioned the word "shark" to my Aunt Ruth she went into hysterics.....I was the youngest of the 4 cousins and easiest to tease....We were out on a swimming/diving platform in the Gulf... ...there were barnacles on the ladder and I cut my was bleeding profusely...The others told me that the sharks were there and it would be safer to all swim in together to shore....I was petrified....We stood on the edge of the platform...and Walter said 123 go....I took off like a shot and swam as fast as I to the shore and did see my cousins...eaten by sharks????..No standing on the platform laughing their A$$#% off...Thanks Walt....You either traumatized me for life or made me stronger......there are a few other stories of being the victim too!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

This is their logo. It is the minor league baseball team. I'm not kidding. Jumbo Shrimp.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Holy Blueberries Batman!

I have a weakness for this berry. I love them. I grew them in Napa Valley, finding a variety that was suited to the dry, hot summer there. The flavor is sublime and knowing they are a powerhouse of nutrition and anti oxidant value makes it all the more fun to savor their wonderfulness. So, Georgia is big on their peach fame, but maybe they should be talking about the blues also. We were out and about and I saw the sign for local blueberries at a small farm store. These are from Morning Belle Farms of Woodbine, GA. Wish you were here to watch me eat them. Think I'd share? No way.

Jekyll Island Morning Again

I just used the word serene, on Facebook, to describe this place within the condensed coastline of Georgia. Songbirds are effusive and the morning sun plays joyfully amongst the trees. It is inspirational.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Good Morning Jekyll Island, GA

Our first morning of our week on this barrier island along the small coast of Georgia. Cool and clear as winter goes out with a roar up north. Love the Spanish Moss. Our RV camp has wonderful morning light.

8000 Lightning Strikes

A few days ago, we were in St Augustine and a serious storm front pounded through. We were fortunate to be on the southern edge of it. We received enough of a punch that I was awoken around 4 AM by wind and rain. I noticed constant illumination of our skies. It was distant enough that only faint rumbles were heard. A couple of hours later, I am watching Jacksonville, (our closest city, about 45 minutes north), morning news and the local weather gal says the National Weather Service recorded 8,000 lightning strikes in one hour in the Jax, (they like their nickname), area as this front roared through. That qualifies as wow weather.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Me And My Egret

It can sure storm here in Florida. From early this morning, 4/4/17, in St Augustine, to midday we were pounded with rain, lightning, and companion thunder. The rain at times had the improbable huge raindrops that happen in tropical storms. 
Living in an RV, we are more delicately connected to the earth. We feel the thunder shake the ground below us. The lightning was magnificent and we had one strike that was so close the flash and thunder clap were simultaneous and loud of bright flash and boom. Whoo Hoo!
The skies just cleared and I took a walk out to our nearby pier here on the Tolomato River, 50 yards or so from our campsite. As I walk out I see a great egret looking quite wet, standing midway on the railing of the walk to the end of the pier. I move to the other side as I walk by and realize it is soaked and looks like it cannot yet fly. I find myself talking to it, saying you are ok just stay there, etc. I walk the rest of the way to the end and I am marveling at the gentle, post storm, humid air, temp in the 70’s. After a few minutes, I turn around to see my egret pal has walked down the railing to be next to me. I am complimented. Call me crazy, but I start a one-sided conversation with the bird. It is working its feathers to help the drying process and that is what we, (I), talk about, getting dried out to be able to return to the skies and resume feeding. It stops often to look at me with its deep yellow irises.

As I moved to leave, my egret was unfazed as I walked so close by. I looked back a few times as I departed. Each time the egret was looking straight at me with both eyes focused. My new Florida pal. Dry out and go fishing, pal!