Friday, June 26, 2015

House is Rented

So I forgot to say...Our prior potential renters did not work out but we quickly had another suitor who then needed the house by July 3.
That put us on a faster track re: packing etc. We have a signed rental agreement and have been going bonkers packing to get ourselves ready to go, July 2.
It is no easy task to go through decades of accumulating and weeding out what is to go and what is worth holding on to. But now, we are getting close and rooms are getting empty.
We are using a combination of commercial storage and using the two sheds at 1578 as lockouts for the stuff we want to hold.
In addition is the stuff we bring with us on the road in Vilia. That has been hard also.
Many of the commentaries I have read online from folks in our mode have said you lighten the load as you go and do not accumulate. With that in mind we are trying to start out super lean. But I know we are still going with too much stuff. More on that as we go forth...

1 comment:

  1. This is why I could never do what you folks do. I still have my dads soldering irons from Stamford CT, You just never know when you might need it. Then all of those vinyl records, clothes that don't fit etc etc etc

    John "Packrat"