Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cathy and I lived in this state for the first 12 years of our marriage. Our kids were born here. We both started what would be our working careers here. A plenitude of fond memories reside within this straight bordered rectangle. We approached the four corners area in our drive from Lake Powell and both of us commented that it was starting to look like Colorado. As we approached state line we drove right by and so stopped at the Four Corners National Monument. It is quite hokey but it exists and being who we are and what we are doing, how could we not resist the ten buck entry fee and a chance to be in four states at once? Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. All at once! I’m overwhelmed all over again just writing about it. However, do not go out of your way to experience this. If you happen to be driving by, well…
But Colorado. So dear to us. So nice to be here. Today we went for a morning drive into Mesa Verde National Park. Clouds have been gathering and we had a light prelude sprinkle to what is forecast for the next couple of days, 60% chance of showers, but the vistas were grand and the cliff dwelling remains from the 1200’s are mankind sentimental. I’ll attempt to explain that. You stand and gaze at and around this gathering of sandstone and mud “apartment” complexes and cannot help but envision the peoples walking around, socializing, preparing food…living. The one we visited today, called The Spruce House, was home to a tribal clan of about 90.
You see it on the faces of visitors and in comments heard, the sentimentality for our human ancestors and the lifestyle they created here. It is enjoyable to be part of this group visit of the moment and to imagine for yourself the activity at the time of occupancy within these cave and cliff built apartment complexes.
We are in Colorado! The aspens are turning autumn gold in the high country, our coming rain may dapple the 14’ers, the Colorado mountains that top 14,000 feet elevation, in the temporary snow of this time of year, when the last of the temperate days hold on as the diminishing daylight time meets the altitude and the inevitable cool down approaches.

We remember well, living in suburban Denver, how October started out gentle but by our daughter’s birthday on the 27th, I was out blowing the water from our irrigation lines in frigid weather to get the water out before the winter freeze. We are here at Mesa Verde until the 10th, then heading south! Hopefully to follow the milder temps.

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