Thursday, December 8, 2016

We Have Survived The Onslaught

Camping close to the beach at Destin, FL. Heavy weather incoming. Tornado watch in effect. 3 AM Dec 6th  I am awakened by the wail of the banshees. Howling winds, large Florida raindrops slapping against the side of our RV. It is raining vertically. My guess, 50 MPH gusts. Kudos to the design of Keystone RV, nary a drop of water made its way indoors. But, we had a few moments of wondering if we would be blown over. It could have been that strong.

This is the most intense weather we have experienced in our 17 months of our road travel. Grateful to have made it through. Now hoping all the fine grit sand that came with the winds and rain does not cause issues with moving RV parts down the road…

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