Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Me And My Egret

It can sure storm here in Florida. From early this morning, 4/4/17, in St Augustine, to midday we were pounded with rain, lightning, and companion thunder. The rain at times had the improbable huge raindrops that happen in tropical storms. 
Living in an RV, we are more delicately connected to the earth. We feel the thunder shake the ground below us. The lightning was magnificent and we had one strike that was so close the flash and thunder clap were simultaneous and loud of bright flash and boom. Whoo Hoo!
The skies just cleared and I took a walk out to our nearby pier here on the Tolomato River, 50 yards or so from our campsite. As I walk out I see a great egret looking quite wet, standing midway on the railing of the walk to the end of the pier. I move to the other side as I walk by and realize it is soaked and looks like it cannot yet fly. I find myself talking to it, saying you are ok just stay there, etc. I walk the rest of the way to the end and I am marveling at the gentle, post storm, humid air, temp in the 70’s. After a few minutes, I turn around to see my egret pal has walked down the railing to be next to me. I am complimented. Call me crazy, but I start a one-sided conversation with the bird. It is working its feathers to help the drying process and that is what we, (I), talk about, getting dried out to be able to return to the skies and resume feeding. It stops often to look at me with its deep yellow irises.

As I moved to leave, my egret was unfazed as I walked so close by. I looked back a few times as I departed. Each time the egret was looking straight at me with both eyes focused. My new Florida pal. Dry out and go fishing, pal!

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