Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Generation, Return of The Theme

Wow. We are here in Casa Grande, AZ at the Palm Creek RV Resort. What a place and what good concept and marketing for the Boomer Generation. As expected, we are among our own. Besides the many RV sites there are many spots devoted to manufactured housing within this park and with that, many folks of our age group that have been coming here for their winters for many years. From Canada and the upper mid west mostly. The snowbird society. It is now us.
We will not have a whole lot to adventure about for this month of February here. Not a lot of local attractions. Mostly, it will be an R&R for us. A time to kick back, take walks and bike rides do some back burner projects. While it has been a bit cool upon our arrival here, they are calling for temps in the 80's for the next few days. Nice.      
There is an 18 hole golf course at this resort which we will take advantage of. Every hole is a par three. The course is very well groomed and the rich green of grass adds a nice resort feel to the place. Given the volume of folks here in Casa Grande of our generation, "huddling masses escaping the cruel winter"...there are endless options for activity and socialization.The local calendars for the resort and for the community are packed with things going on.
It is such a different world for us as compared to our home ownership in St Helena. Stay tuned for local tales from Casa Grande!
Here are a couple of photos of this evening from our neighborhood.

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