Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rowayton, Connecticut

We have taken a break from our life on the road to fly to Connecticut so that I may attend my 50th high school reunion. Staying with family a couple days prior, in their lovely place on Bell Island in Rowayton. Sure is different from Kansas!
Sun about to break the day at the harbor.
Entrance to Bell Island.
It is a small lump of land closely adjacent to the mainland. It is "dotted", (actually mostly crowded in together), with many magnificent homes, most with nautical themed architecture. Many, many boats, some as large as a few of the houses. It is another testament to the wealth generated by life and work in and around New York City, just 40 miles away. We will be in Connecticut for a week then will spend a few days in Brooklyn at our son's place. Then we will train down to North Carolina to visit our daughter's family where they just moved to a few weeks ago. Grandkid time!! Then it will be back to KS to resume the roam.

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  1. It was so wonderful to see you and share such quality time with you before your reunion! We didn't sing 'round the piano though! Love you both.