Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Feast in New York

We find ourselves in New York with our rig tucked away in temporary storage in Lawrence, Kansas. We are here to visit our son who lives in Brooklyn. Family and a 50th high school reunion brought us east and a break from the road. The reunion was terrific. So enjoyable to see so many good folks again after so many years. We may have been a room full of senior citizens, ( I prefer my cousins description of our age group as “The Elders” ), but having known all these folks in our youth it was easy to see that youth in the many smiles, facial expressions and voices. We were a particularly good class, our New Canaan High School Class of ’66 and I say bless all of us. But on to New York. The town of New Canaan is a 40 minute or so train ride from Grand Central and I went into the City often growing up. I love the place. We happened upon a street festival last night while going out to dinner. The 90th annual Feast of San Gennaro. San Gennaro is the patron saint of Naples, Italy and the festival was started to honor the thousands of Italian immigrants who began their American life in this Little Italy section of lower Manhattan. Back home in Naples, every September 19th, it is said that ampules of dried blood in the crypt of the saint, liquefy momentarily. It is an annual Miracle. Hey, we all need a few miracles in our life, right? A church official descends into the crypt then comes back out to declare the miracle has occurred again and everyone goes nuts with blind faith. Yahoo! Let’s drink and eat! So it is in NYC. Too bad we had dinner reservations. Sausage, peppers and onions sounded very appetizing.
Couldn't stay around for the meatball eating contest...
A shot of the street with the iconic Empire State Building in the distance.


  1. Looks Johnny "Cha Cha" eats a lot of meatballs

  2. referencing your elder comment: Now that I've reached my 70th year, I like to see myself as belonging to the Second Order of Elders, the ones that possess even more wisdom.