Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Key West

We took a drive on Harry Truman’s US 1, The Overseas Highway that runs the length of the Florida Keys from our campsite mid-south on the chain at Marathon Key, and went 60 miles further south to Key West. We amused ourselves by coming up with "names" of Keys. We thought we were hysterical but it might have been a "you had to have been there" kind of time. Take Tur which is where many folks spend their Thanksgiving (Turkey). We went by the twin Oh and Doh, which are very agreeable Keys Okey Doley) There is Off, where the singing is not so great (off-key) We went by Mon, with its jungle like feel. There is Don with its sign saying “Do not be what you see”. ANother two keys where Japanesse food is popular (sukaki) There are others, but I do not want to exceed my groan quotient.

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