Monday, January 30, 2017

The Most Dangerous Place To Drive?

Florida in winter is a frightening place to be on the highways. It was pointed out to me years ago on a business trip and still holds true. First, there are the elder snowbirds who drive 40 mph on the highways. It is easy, at highway speeds, to come up on them abruptly, as they wander along the interstate. Then there are the speed demons. South Florida has been a play zone for young, well to do males for many years. they are still coming here. Amidst the slow pokes and "normal" drivers you have the mega horsepower, mega money sports cars, flying by at something far exceeding the speed limit. Then there are the weavers. It is quite popular here, to pass on the right, cut across lanes, pass on the left, cut across lanes, pass on the right. That makes the far right lane a more comfortable choice...until you come up on a 40 mph Mable or Horace putzing along in la la land. Careful, is the operative word.

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