Thursday, June 1, 2017

Golf Carts

As we have camped around the US, we have happened upon some local styles and traditions in campgrounds where we have stopped along our route. We have encountered spots where folks bring their motorcycles with them and journey out daily en mass to cruise the roads and see the sights.  In Northern New Mexico we happened to be be in a campground for a couple of nights that was next door to BLM land that allowed off road vehicles and everyone, 'cept us, had dune buggy type of ATV's and were hell bent on gunning the engines and digging up Nature. We have been in campgrounds where the dominant ride was the peddled tricycle. Us seniors can't rely on balance all the time...
Here, at Chincoteague Island off the eastern shore of Virginia, it is golf carts. here is a small, very small sample of some seen over the Memorial weekend of 2017.

And how do they get them here? Not a great photo, but they drive 'em up on the back of their trucks.

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