Wednesday, June 28, 2017


We took a ferry from Highlands, NJ to New York and went on from there by subway to Brooklyn to visit with our son and his betrothed.  When we left camp at Bayville for the 50 mile or so drive to port, the skies were closing in. I checked local radar on a handy weather app and sure enough, we were about to get slammed. Camp to the Garden State Parkway was about 4 miles, and by the time we hit the entry ramp, rain was pounding down.  At one point, we were going 30 in this 65 zone. Could not see and wipers were on steroid setting.
With the magic of Nature by the time we hit the ferry port it was all clear. This was our sky and view as we approached our disembark in lower Manhattan at Wall Street. The Brooklyn Bridge is an American Classic by any standard. Had we not our luggage with us for the overnight stay, we would have walked it again. The pedestrian/bike top level is a great NYC experience.

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