Wednesday, July 5, 2017

3100 Miles

We have arrived in Maine. July 3rd. Wow. Lots of people. We are a direct route of 3100 miles from our old home in St Helena. A direct route it has been anything but. We've put on close to 30,000 miles of sightseeing along our way over the last two years, wandering the USA. Yesterday was the two year anniversary of our departure from St. Helena to full time live in our 5th wheel RV, Vilia.
We came up from Connecticut and a gathering of some high school friends from my class of 1966. I go to the market after we became settled in our campsite. Hoping to hear some of that wonderfully melodic Maine accent, I am treated to a different touch. Wells, in very lower Maine, has a great stretch of beach and draws many folks from the NYC metro area. As I am entering the store, two fellow senior ladies are leaving and I hear one say in a clearly non local accent, "So I told her, never marry a man who doesn't clean his belly button". I'd never thought about that myself. Cathy should be grateful that my hygiene is okay, I guess. But, I want to hear someone say, "Ya cahnt get theyah from heah."

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