Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hello Maine

Wow, long time between posts. We are entrenched in our campground in Maine. Kokatosi Camp, in Casco, (or maybe Raymond, ME). We are 4 miles from the family compound. It is my sister and brother-in-laws place on a lovely feeder lake to the greater Sebago Lake water basin. It has been, over the many years, a "compound" like the Bush presidential family have at Kennebunkport, Maine. Well, it is a little less glam but no less beautiful. Our extended family has been drawn here since the purchase 49 years ago. My Sis and Bro in law have been the most gracious of hostess/host for those 49 years as this extended family has been drawn to this place.  Maine is a treasure trove of lovely, fresh water. The lake my sister's cabin is on is spring fed. No river comes in, but one goes out. In the swimming area in the front of the cabin there are half dozen or so springs that come up. You go out to 5 foot depth or so off shore and the water temp fluctuates like crazy as you float or swim by, as the cold water from deep earth makes its way to surface in spots. The clarity is sensational. There are fewer and fewer places on earth like this and it is a treasure. Pristine. We are so happy to be here for an extended time. Living Maine in the summer. It is a wonderful treat and a fine place to begin the closure to our 2.5 year full time adventure with our RV, "Vilia". Amazing to us we began this journey July 2015, leaving our home of 30 years in St Helena, CA and wandering off to see a great part of this superb USA.
I have said in prior posts, but the one top takeaway from our journey is the RV difference of visiting places via car, motel, etc.,  versus  living them due to the fact, in your RV,  you bring your home with you.
No unpack/repack, wardrobe is in our closet, fridge with your own food, kitchen at hand. TV brings in local TV feeds via cable at camp or our satellite TV receiver.
So here we are, at home, in Casco, ME, spending most every day at the lake cabin.
Maine, in my youth, had the slogan of, "Vacationland For All".  Maybe too many people showed up but some years ago they changed it to, "Life As It Should Be". I love it this time of year. But, come January I'm thinking maybe " life as it should be" should be somewhere south.
Oh, but it is so fine now.

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