Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gray, Maine Blueberry Festival 2017

Wild blueberries are a major crop in Maine. They grow on their own, profusely. Enough tons are harvested annually of this little but flavor powered berry that the crop is of significant financial importance to the state.
A neighboring town, Gray, Maine, holds an annual fest in honor of the diminutive fruit . Gray was founded in 1778. The festival is not that old...

Of course there were posters, ice cream and jam. There were slices of homemade pie also but we ate them before I could snap a picture!

Oddly, you could pet a llama or buy a melted wine bottle.

 It is New England so there was the obligatory old firetruck.

And,the blueberry pie eating contest. First you realize your sign board is not big enough for the whole word...

Then it is ready, GO! and the aftermath.

 All in all, it was a great deal of Americana fun.

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  1. did they run out of vowels on the sign at the pie eating contest?