Sunday, October 2, 2016

Back to Vilia and Horror!

We are back to Kansas and the road after a two week plane vacation from our RV vacation. There’s something to be said for both manners of travel, depending on the company you are with…as part of setting up camp, I get our portable satellite TV enabled. Dish is the provider, they are not very good at it, and we get basic programming and a lot of infomercial hell. The good part is watching local network programming. The local news is a joy around this US. We have watched features such as 7 minutes about the annual hops growers festival in Montana. It was quite an event with one grower with a fullback’s body gone bad, sporting a t-shirt saying “Beer”. “And here’s Wally with a sports update”, followed by a segment on Cody, Wyoming rodeo and nothing else. There was the surprising drone of murder coverage in Albuquerque. Every morning 3 or 4 new to report. One took a 3 year old’s life in what was reported as road rage retaliation. The Utah stations love cute news segments. The Youtube, Facebookie stuff of kittens, crazy dogs and odd human behavior. Denver was as professional in its news shows as any of our country’s biggest TV markets. Here in Kansas, they are proud down home. The broadcasters all appear to be fresh off the farm, no make-up cake for the camera like LA or NYC. This commentary on TV is stimulated by watching the first thing to pop up as I made connections. It happened to be a life’s classic for my family, “The Horror of Party Beach”. This absolutely terrible movie is bad enough to have enjoyed a campy following, thus continues to show up on our tv’s. It is famed by my clan by the appearance of two of our uncles in the film, which was made in Stamford, CT. during a good time for gas prices. That the film features the most pathetic monster costume ever created makes it even more special to all of us… K’s Market with Look Polish. That kinda says it all. And here’s my Uncle Ed, on the left, as an erstwhile detective on the case of monster vs. people.

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