Friday, July 10, 2015

A Fish Story

July 10 Living Life Out Of A Can, a fish story.

We arrived at our camp in Marina, just north of Monterey, yesterday and had a tight back in spot. Backing a 34’ 5th wheel is a Vilia Adventure for sure.  We favor a gradual approach. Best described as backandforthbackandforth.  With the kind help of a volunteer neighbor, I had eyes on both sides of the RV and slotted it in.   As I was setting up Vilia,  my neighbor on the other side arrived back to his site. Carrying a cooler, he said over to me, “I bet you like to eat fish”.  Hmmm I thought, that’s an unusual hello. Turns out he was returning from some sponsored fishing excursion and had caught more than he could consume and fit into the small freezer compartment in his trailer.   He offered and we gratefully accepted four meals worth of blue cod and lingcod.  Dinner last night of fresh caught cod combo, with planned asparagus- carrots with garlic and marjoram, and a salad of heirloom tomato and ripe avocado. What an unexpected treat!   He was an interesting fellow. Constantly had a can in his hand. Diet Coke until 5 then off to Coors Light for the night. This morning, 7 AM Diet Coke.  His clothing style was quite reminiscent of the graphics favored by ACDC, he sported a two foot tall skull with a bleeding jaw logo on the back of his trailer. Said he tested tires for Harley Davidson. Just came back from the Salt Flats going 219 MPH. Came back here and threw out every bit of household salt he owned. Never wanted to taste it again.  Had hurt his knee and was limping. Said he was embarrassed to tell Harley he hurt himself. I suggested he tell them he was in a bar and someone kicked him in the knee.  He replied that, hell, he’d been stabbed three times, he couldn’t tell Harley he was kicked by somebody.   I said a more tactful version of the sentiment, “well allrighty then, I think I should go get this fish on ice”.  We did have a couple of extended conversations after that. It became apparent he was a good intending fellow with an enjoyment of bending the truth. He had no room for more fish, but left today for nearby Santa Cruz for a month long fishing trip. Catch and release, I hope.


  1. Hey Bob...I like your blob.....OH I mean blog!!! yer wife

  2. You wanted a new adventure and it looks like you will not be disappointed, Looking forward to the next chapters.