Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dolphins at Marina State Beach

July 15, 2015
The nearby beach at Marina State Beach is a beauty. Large sand dunes, reminiscent of Wellfleet on Cape Cod. The other morning I went early as it was an unusually warm morning for the Monterey Bay area. Within minutes of being there saw a pod of about a dozen dolphins off to the left. Scanning the water, it turned out to be about eight of these pods near and far. Their behavior suggested they were feeding and it was great to watch. They were frenzied at times, jumping over each other, diving aggressively, creating much splashing. At one point a pod came close enough that I could hear them chattering amongst themselves. It pretty much sounded like, “hey these fish are mine, and yours are over there”. To top it off, I saw a whale breach three times off towards the horizon. First time ever seeing that in CA.

Being here reminded me of a comment I heard from a local once some years back. I was here for business and while tasting wines, (I spent my working years in the wine trade), with a restaurateur, I made the comment about what a great part of California this was. His retort…”This is not California, this is Monterey”.  I can understand the viewpoint.   

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