Monday, July 20, 2015

Watch Out Above

July 20, 2015
There is a new dimension to driving with pulling a 5th wheel  RV, and that is up.  We are measured at 13’ high, when not hooked up to the truck. That goes down a bit when connected with the weight factor on the truck bed. However, we are relying on a measuring tape dropped down from the roof high point by our dealer. This is not an exact science. On wooded roads, I am now always looking up.                                                     
En route to the Sacramento area from Monterey, we decided to take a scenic route along part of the Sacramento River via CA state route 160. It is a lovely road but we did not research all that well. At one point, we were directed by our navigation to cross over the river and it was an old bridge with 13’3” clearance. I opted out. Things can happen over time. If they resurfaced the road, it can add an inch or two or three and the crews often will not measure again and change signs. Too close for comfort. So we went a few extra miles only to find a 13’ 5” bridge. Slowly I inched forward hoping not to hear a crunching sound. We made it! 13’ 5” is my new clearance standard. Now, Cathy could have climbed up on the roof and communicated via our walkie talkies what it looked like as we went past our high point, the bridges low point, but, I would not do that and so would not ask her to do that! Another notch in the Vilia Adventures gun handle!

We are staying 3 weeks in the Sac area to embrace our daughter’s family and her wonderful 3 girls, our grand girls, before we head east for our month of August in southern Utah.  I need to share something from the youngest, three year old Ceiba. A car treat for the three sisters is a piece of gum to chew. We were all in the van together a couple of days ago and Ceiba could not decide if she wanted “experimint” or “pepperoni mint” flavor. Have to say, that did crack me up. Still does.

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