Saturday, May 14, 2016

Canyons Of The Rockies

We have visited the canyons of The Sierra, canyons of Utah, canyons of Arizona and even a canyon in Texas, (yeseree cowboy, they got one at Big Bend National Park). So we arrive in Colorado and where do we go? Canyons! Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Colorado National Monument. We had visited Gunnison in the 1970’s during our time living in the Denver metro area. The memories had well faded and Cathy was not the active and accomplished photographer then that she is today. Yet another canyon feast for the eyes, The Black Canyon is just that, primarily black rock, narrow and knee knocking deep. It defines the word abyss. So quiet you can hear the river 2000 feet below. It is 47 miles long, as narrow as 1100 feet across at the rim and its greatest depth is 2700 feet. And they take you right to the edge at that observation point. Even with railing my legs were rubber bands. Colorado National Monument does the same at its observation points, but it is a very different experience. Broader with a collection of separate canyons, you enter at Grand Junction and drive along the 35 mile rim, often at the edge with no guard rails, exiting at Fruita, just an 8 mile drive by road back to GJ. The rock is red with wonderful solo rock towers and walls along sections of the canyon floors. The views back to GJ across what is called The Grand Valley are indeed, grand.

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