Friday, May 20, 2016

Card and Dog Collections

I had to laugh at myself. Looking for something, I was at one of my catch all spots and saw my collection of grocery store "total rewards", "discount club", etc. cards. As we have traveled around I have acquired these as I have shopped the local and regional stores. Got to get my discounts! Even if I will likely never be in some of these stores again. Smith's, Basha's, City Market and on. Maybe I'll save them and frame them when we are done with our tour...maybe not.
Totally unrelated is the collection of little dogs we see at every campground we have been to. Small dogs are the choice of the RV crowd and they often come in multiples. Folks travelling around with 2, 3, 4 and more of these little critters. I guess the companionship is nice. I'd be afraid of stepping on one of 'em in the small livable space. Or forgetting one. "Abagail, where's Spotty?" "Oh dear, I think we might have left him in El Paso...."

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