Saturday, May 21, 2016


Cathy and I had a smile as we passed by The Wine Country Inn in Palisade. This is the heart of Colorado’s wine growing. After so long in the Napa Valley, it is fun to be in another wine country.
We are in a state park campground. Colorado is somewhat rare in that they built many of their park camping areas to accommodate larger RV’s along with the full hookups appreciated for longer stays. This one, The James M. Hobb is at the mouth of a canyon of towering palisade rock cliffs. Hence the nearby town’s name. The park is next to the Colorado River and a habitat for Bald Eagles. They are great to hear cry and watch soar. Just a few miles from our camp, we visited a couple of winery tasting rooms. The wines are not like St Helena but they were good enough we bought a couple of dinner bottles. Also close by is Grand Mesa, up on top of our palisade cliffs.  It is the world’s biggest flat topped mountain, reaching 10,000 feet. The expansive views had the added drama of passing rain/snow showers. We were hit by some rain. Our Vilia is a cozy place  to spend time when weather limits the outdoors. One of the showers was a doozy with impossibly large raindrops that went phwap, phwap, phwappity phwap on our rubber roofing. It reminded us how the Rockies can create grand scale weather from a blue sky like nowhere else to be seen to nasty and strong stay indoors stuff.

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