Saturday, March 18, 2017

Karaoke win on cruise!!

So we were on the Rocky and the Rollers Rock n Roll cruise with Jane & Ed….This band backed all the well-known groups and singles on the cruise. These included Bowser of Sha Na Na, Johnny Contardo, Garry Lewis and the Playboys, Gary Pucket and the Union Gap, Freddy Cannon, Johnny Tillotson, Jay Siegel and the Tokens, The Crystals, Peggy March, Lenny Welch, Dennis Stefano of the Buckinghams, Vito and the Elegants, The Dovells, Tommy Mara and the Crests. They either did concerts or played for dances throughout the week.
They were having a Karaoke contest on Wednesday night….with celebrity judges….Tommy Mara (Crests…sang Step by Step), Jay Siegel (Tokens…sang Lion sleeps tonight) Vito (Elegants…sang Little Star) Dennis Tufano (lead singer from Buckinghams..sang Kinda of a Drag) and Freddie Cannon (Tallahasse Lassie). The prize for the top two was singing on our last night with Rocky and the Rollers (large band with 3 guitars, keyboard, drums and 3 horns) in front of 1000 people! Bob tried out with Crying by Roy Orbison. It was fun watching the judges go from amicably listening to being very, very impressed. You could see their faces change in gradation’s of thinking from “this guy is good”….to “Holy Smokes, this guy is great”. The crowd was hooting and hollering after the first verse...Bob really nailed it!!! Judges jumped up to a standing ovation at the end of the song..….Freddie Cannon, who is 80 years old and has been around a very long time….. ….said “Roy (Orbison) is smiling down at you…..Bob, you made him proud with that performance”. Then there was a sing-off with the top 3 people…Bob went second and sang “Kansas City”…..the 5 judges very quickly started to do a harmonizing back-up group…..What a thrill! After Bob was finished, Tommy Mara said….”Well Bob is a shoe-in, we just have to decide on second”. So nice to have great friends Jane and Ed with us to share the experience…..Have known them since 1979 when Bob went to work at Beringers. Jane and I did 2 trips to Grand Canyon together and she got me involved in the travel with disable adults that I have done. So lots of history. Many people came up to Bob in the next few days congratulating him…..including most all of the performers. Bob had to do a run through with the band on Saturday….Then the performance in the evening. Again he nailed it! Such a great experience….The video tells all….

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