Saturday, July 2, 2016


Amazing how fast a year has gone. Today we celebrate our departure from St Helena, July 2nd, 2015. That's when we drove away from our house with Vilia, the 5th wheel RV,  as our renters were moving their stuff in. It is when we began to be "homeless" full time RV folks. It is the first time Cathy and I have ever taken a one year vacation. It continues! The journey has been great. I look back over old blog entries in wonder at the sights seen and places lived over this first year. We are currently in Yellowstone and will wander to Denver when we leave here in a couple of weeks. From there to southeast Colorado and then, as summer starts to wane, we head east leaving the Great American West. The adventures will continue but be different. I expect Alabama will be unlike Wyoming, for thing seems sure, our second anniversary will feel to come as quick as this first.

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