Tuesday, July 19, 2016


We have arrived in Cody, Wyoming, about 90 miles east of Yellowstone. Buffalo Bill's town. Yellowstone was great. The only drawbacks were internet access, (pathetic), and weather. It was in the thirties each morning for 16 of our 20 mornings there. Here in Cody it is 93. Summer! Feels good.
So, while in Yellowstone, we learned that the bison males are great and unique macho beasts. The rut is coming. Mating time. It begins in about three weeks. Leading up to it, the males are lone wolves, away from any of the herds. They have this routine of rubbing their heads into shrubs and grasses to "adorn" themselves, getting leaves and stems stuck in their head fur. After doing this, they walk with a kind of pride. Then, they drop themselves down into a dusty patch and roll in the dirt, getting their scent into it. They will do this within sight and smell of other males, all the while grunting a resonant, guttural sound. They weigh 1,000 pounds and the sight and sound is magnificent. And the hairdos. Each male has a unique coif, something of a fingerprint. Some have a version of the old 50's flat top, there are comb forwards, afros, puffed up masses and ragged mops. This plus goatees of all shapes and lengths and forelocks equally as unique. Tatonka indeed. So glad to have better internet so Cathy can post pictures. Oh, and does she have pictures. More to come.


  1. What a life! If only we human males could get by with rolling in the dirt and bushes to attract females. Oh wait, that's what I do daily at work and my wife loves me. Maybe we are more bison than we think :)

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