Thursday, July 7, 2016

July 7, 2016...Thirty Two Degrees.

This country is amazing and wonderful. Here we are, at Yellowstone National Park. It is July. Where's the heat? It is 32 this morning. That's freezing. The morning news on our Dish satellite TV comes from Billings, Monana. What's on the news? It is the annual Barley Days festival. In yet another "who knew?", we find that Montana grows 22% of our nation's barley. All of it destined for beer production. Moravian barley of various strains, one named for Bill Coors.
After a five minute segment on barley, our news goes to sports coverage. Five more minutes on rodeo. That's it. No baseball or anything else. Just rodeo. Kind of fun, not that we'd want a steady diet of it. Just hope that the bucking broncos and the Moravian strains do not freeze this morning.

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