Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cherry Creek State Park

Colorado state parks that have RV camping could well be our #1 pick for best RV park experience yet. Colorado has spent quite a bit of cash on their parks. Emphasis is on a natural experience and space between neighbors abounds. These folks are good. They are not so good at regulating growth, however. The beleaguered city of Denver has boomed and continues to do so. There is far too much high density housing. Local news reports that 10,000 people per month are moving here. City fathers have blessed an overabundance of development and the infrastructure is bending at the seams. Water supply is a big issue looming in the near future and traffic is monumental. A local friend told me he recently drove back from Ft Collins, 70 miles north of Denver, bumper to bumper all the way, barely getting to 40mph at the “open” areas. While it is great for us that money has been spent on the parks and bike paths, (the town is way bike crazed), not much is going into the condition of the roadways. It is a jarring experience to drive the streets here. The whole state is hot. Colorado is certainly one of our country’s most wonderful places to live. It offers so much in terms of climate, including a very tolerable winter season for Denverites. Major ski areas are an hour away. You visit when the weather is nice and stay home for snow times. Storms here are regularly followed by incredibly blue; clear skies. Summers are filled with perfect temperature low humidity days. Colorado boasts the lowest rate of obesity in the US. Our friends that remain here are all in good shape. It is Slim City, and the folks of that mindset continue to pour into the state. The city's multi cultures are equanimous with each other much more so than many other places around the US. In the spotlight now, Colorado is home to the Olympic training camp. Fitness, fitness, fitness. So back to our RV site, here’s a few pics to give an idea of our surroundings. 
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Field of Grasses and mullein across the way.

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  1. OH, btw...Mullein is native to Europe but came with immigrants here because of its ancient medicinal properties. Prepared correctly it is reputedly beneficial in treating cough.