Sunday, August 28, 2016

The ATV's Of Texas Are Upon Us.

Colorado has had a thing with Texas for many years. The flatlanders of The Lone Star State long ago adopted the close by and lovely mountain state. There has been friction over the years. I remember in the 70's being in ski lift lines and watching the Colorado backs stiffen as a thick Texas accent in line called out loud to a ski buddy. The locals did not like the feel of another state taking over theirs. Texans were doing a lot of investing in and developing of Colorado back then. It was a sensitive time. Here, today in Creede, we see that the good old boys and girls of Texas by no means have stopped their enjoyment of Colorful Colorado. Our RV park here is overwhelmed by ATV traffic. Most all with TX plates. It is a play area for these vehicles. The reason? The multitude of off-road type old dirt trails that exist as a carryover of old mining  and lumber access roads in this area. Trail maps look like the tentacles of a tumor, which these vehicles may be to the well being of the landscape. That said, what do Cathy and I do? We rented a Jeep and traveled a few of these pot holed, rocky, 10 mile per hour roads. Our reward was some amazing and isolated view spots of high country and deep valleys. It was great fun but nothing we would pursue on an ongoing basis. We happened upon a safari of about 18 units of our park neighbors up in the hills all bumping along in a row in their little buggies. They seem to go for about 8 hours per day everyday, based on when we have seen them fire up in the AM and then return in the afternoon. They are all our age group. That is a lot of kidney jarring for me at this age...bunch of cowboys used to riding the trails back home, I guess. We are glad to have had the experience. I'd rather rent a boat again at Lake Powell then an ATV anywhere.

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