Saturday, April 16, 2016

A White Surprise

Gee, it's the middle of April and we wake to 31 degrees and this...Snow! We are at 7300 feet in Flagstaff, so snow can happen. And it did! We left this behind for much of the day and drove south and down, to Sedona, AZ at 4300 feet. Only 28 miles away yet a drop of 3,000 feet through the lovely Oak Creek Canyon.  It was still cool but much more comfortable. Sedona is a great place, wonderfully set within an extensive grouping of red rock cliffs and bluffs. It is artsy and new age with galleries and crystal shops and card reading studios and whole being nutrition centers, etc. That stuff aside, the geography is spectacular. Cathy will add photos soon. Meanwhile, here is a poor quality cell cam shot of our truck this AM.

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