Monday, April 25, 2016

Dust Storm

Extreme winds in northeast Arizona today. 40 mph steady with up to 65 mph gusts. Our Vilia is in the shop with a stuck slideout. It's OK, RV's are less fun in weather like this. Thankfully it is stuck in, so we will be able to drive with it. This shop can diagnose, but can't do the work as we need to bring it to a factory authorized dealer. We are in a remote area, so will have to live with the slideout room "slid in" until we get to Grand Junction, Colorado and "civilization" again in a couple of weeks. So with our girl at the doctor, we were out seeing sights today in this wind storm. It is desert so winds like this kick up the dust and we went through some good patches of it today. Some audible as we drove and the sand hit the truck. Once when we stopped for a sight a gust hit us with the sand. That hurts the skin and then you spit out grit from your mouth for awhile. The other feature was the tumbleweeds. Check out this roadside fence loaded with them. Hundreds were skittering across the highway for miles.

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