Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon....Magical from top to bottom.....My two trips to the bottom rank in my "5 Best Trips Ever"....rafting down the entire length of the CG and swimming in many waterfalls and rivers at Havasu Falls....The top has an different kind of magic....caught a great sunset the first evening....rode bikes along the rim for 25 miles.....the bike path was tree lined so I felt like I played peek-a-boo with the canyon....to ride in the trees, go around a bend and have a gorgeous canyon view in front of you was mesmerizing...never tired of it all day...While the parking lots were crowded, people disperse and we found ourselves alone often during our 4 days there....Oh and who is that cute little girl...Amy in 1978 at age 2 years old....

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  1. As beautiful a veiw today as it was back in 1978...amy that is!