Friday, April 29, 2016

Farewell Arizona

Here, as April, 2016 comes to a close, we cross the border into Colorado. We had spent the last four months or so evading winter, we hoped…to “Snowbird” in Arizona. While we were surprised by the desert chill at times, including frozen hoses, snow and hail, we had a beyond glorious exploration of this state, one of our country’s greatest treasure chest of natural wonders.
Cathy attained visiting every National Park, National Monument, National Viewpoint, National Parking Lot and National Outhouse throughout the state. There are many. If you have missed some, scroll back over the past three or so months. The photo opps are never ending and translate well to this little blog, thanks to the keen photo taking and processing talents my wife contributes. Arizona was astounding. Early on in our Vilia Adventures, Cathy and I felt mutual that we were not going to visit places and areas, but we were going to live them. The RV is our house, so we are home wherever we are. That has been a very enjoyable part of our travels as we have used this blog to create a memory for ourselves. The fact that a growing number of other folks have been and are stopping by this place now and then has added some fun to our travels. We enjoy so what we are doing, as we love this Country so. That we can share what we experience via the world of the internet, has a reward to it. Thanks for reading.

We arrived today to Colorado. Seriously Southwest Colorado, Cortez. We are about 30 miles from the Four Corners area where our map is precise in connecting four of its states. Cathy and I spent the first 12 years of our marriage in this state. We were “Front Range”, residing in the metro Denver area. Our son and daughter were born here. We ventured often and then some into the wonderful world of the 14,000 foot mountains of the Rockies. We never spent much time in the Western Slope of the state. That is what we have ahead of us for much of May.  We’ll be back in a home place, and exploring new, to us, western parts of it. And does the border here makes such sense as in, bam, we are not in Arizona anymore. Bye bye red rock cliffs hello wooded mountains. Here are a few cell shots of the early, blustery evening here at our camp. It is a nice location. Hello again, Colorado!

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