Saturday, November 26, 2016

Americus, Georgia

Thanksgiving in Americus. The day started with a soft, pretty sky. Our campground held a pot luck dinner for residents for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a regional experience. First time I have ever had roast turkey with gravy with diced hard boiled eggs. It was, well, different. I brought green beans with toasted slivered almonds. It was the only vegetable there that did not come out of a can or a freezer. But, the company was good and the meal filling. Americus was founded in 1832 by General John Americus Smith. There is not much to be found out about this John Smith other than he started the town to help support his sizable cotton plantation.  Americus is home to the headquarters of Habitat for Humanity and the National POW Museum at nearby Andersonville. Andersonville was the site of the most infamous of Confederate prisoner camps where thousands of Union soldiers lost their lives in the most dreadful of living conditions. Forced to live under open skies and sleep on the ground, conditions at this camp became so deplorable that men were forced to dig their own wells to find palatable water.  I am thankful this Thanksgiving for our RV with running water, electricity and a bed.

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