Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Driving activities

As you can imagine we are driving often…..although our travel days between stops are usually only 125 to 160 miles. But it does get a bit boring…..so Bob often makes up jokes about the state and city names….or about anything else (As Jeff said one time…..the whole world is fodor for DaD’S humor)…One example…..”There was a Chinese restaurant with a young woman who ordered egg drop soup…..She lifted it up to her mouth to drink….The waiter said……”oh Missie Sippie the soup”….Yes that was as we entered Mississippi….I torture Bob with my singing…..i’m not very good but know all the words to many songs. I sang the full version at maximum loudness of “Take the night train to Memphis” and “Long distance information get in touch with my Maureen, she’s the only one who’d call me here from Memphis Tennesse” not sure of the name of that song….also Mississippi Mud and Alabamie Bound for our states that we were travelling in……Interesting that many of the songs have been sung by Dean Martin!! Life is fun!!!

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