Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Central High School in Little Rock.

Central High School in Little Rock....think this was the first national news story that I was aware of as a youth. Beautiful building built in 1927....In 1957 9 black students attended....the governor used the Arkansas National Guard to stop the black students from entering. THis really pissed off Eisenhower who sent in troops to make sure the students were allowed in.....an ugly period of nasty protesting against integration....with students being pushed down stairs and spit on by white students and parents. About 10 years ago I read "Warriors Don't Cry" as Amy was reading it for a class. A great read about this event. One of the amazing things that I just learned was that it was the first time TV station could broadcast on location....hooked right into the telephone wires. A very moving visit....Also note...inside Central high....lockers....so many schools don't have any more.

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