Wednesday, November 30, 2016

We Have Made It To Florida

Destin, FL. "The Redneck Riviera" it is nicknamed. It is a vacation mecca for "locals". Lots of folks from nearby states have long chosen this part of the state for their beach time. Something like 80 percent of the housing is absentee owners. We are in the panhandle. Our Campground is 50 yards from the beach and this amazing sugar like sand on the Gulf of Mexico. Woke up to 76 degrees early this morning. Ahhhhhh.....Amazing humidity compared to what we have experienced out West. That led to some heavy rain this evening  as a serious front moved through which has brought some severe weather to parts of the South. Behind it is cooler weather. 40's by tomorrow morning, 60's for the high. Much more seasonal. We will be here for a few more nights then will move eastward and southbound. Our schedule has us in Florida for the winter. First thing I did once we had arrived and set up was to go to a local fish market. Bought some fresh local red snapper. Broiled it simply with butter. It was divine. We have been craving fresh seafood after being landlocked for so long in our journey around the West and through the lower Midwest and upper Southeast. So look forward to more of that.

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