Sunday, November 6, 2016


We had not planned to go to Memphis this journey of ours but we found ourselves close enough after making a campsite change that brought it within range. We started the day with a similar unplanned, unexpected visit to Graceland. Elvis is in the house! The place is a wonderful walk back to that time. Avocado colored appliances in the kitchen and on and on. After that we had an appetizer of  2 crispy wings each of Pirtle's Fried Chicken, a local institution, then drove the bit further to Beale Street in downtown Memphis, one of America's home to the blues. A section of Beale was closed to traffic, our day being a Sunday. There were three very good music venues going on within the two block area. The caliber of musician was superb and we enjoyed a couple of songs at each then went to lunch for baby back ribs that were a good level above the norm in quality of flavor. We ate only lettuce for the next two days after this day. Our service at the Cafe was quite poor and I am now wondering if our waitress isn't a Russian spy here to wikileak or hack our country's great blues guitar riffs. Word of warning Beale Street musicians! Svitlana is amongst you.

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