Monday, September 14, 2015

We have arrived in Moab, a town of 5000 or so on the Colorado River in southeastern Utah. It is adjacent to Canyonlands Nat’l Park and Arches Nat’l Park, which is why we are here. Cathy and I stopped here on the way back from a visit to The Grand Canyon in the 70’s. We were living in Denver at the time. Moab was described then as an up and coming Aspen Jr.,  so we were curious to see how all that developed. Well, it didn’t. Not in the Aspen direction.
While there is some internet gabble about the celebs who have built getaway palaces nestled in the red rocks around town, like Aspen, this town is no Rocky Mountain John Denver High. It has evolved into a mecca for wheeled outdoor enthusiasts. Jeep Tours, ATV rentals and guided tours and mountain bike shops and rentals dominate the retail grid along the busy State Route 191 through town.  Utah is very forgiving to the off road vehicle folks. You can ride on paved roads with them without licensing as we have seen many times. Not as a primary vehicle but as a thoroughfare to get from one trail to another. It is a world of little interest to us hiking and pedal biking folks, but the times we have been camped next door and had brief conversations, they are of the element of America’s good folks heartland population. The folks who are so tired of Bush/Clinton, that they would consider the ground breaking Trump/Sanders ticket. Wait…has that been announced yet?
Moab has also attracted some new agers. I searched for the Moab farmers market as this is one of the most enjoyable elements of our travels for me. Seeking locally grown produce as we go. I figured Moab would sport a good one. It is next happening on Sat the 19th, but the web search brought up some delightful tidbits. The market coordinator is a fellow named Orion Rogers. Market sponsors include Moonflower Natural Foods, (OK, I’m having fun with this but I will shop there for some of our provisions), The Youth Garden Project, and The Synergy Company. I will also visit the Synergy Company as it has been years since I have been synergized!
It was such fun to visit a legitimate super market. We were way down on foods so right after setting up the RV I went to City Market, (there is also one in Aspen), which now is part of the Krogers empire. They have everything! It is like Safeway back home! Then, I went to the State Liquor Store. Utah is state control on alcohol. You can only purchase wine at state outlets. Gratefully, Moab is of a size to have one. 40 years ago I became an employee of the making and distributing trade of wine. From the start, I was always in possession of wine. Either I was collecting items to age in the cellar, or I had samples of brands I was affiliated with on hand to use when going out to solicit sales. Two days ago we had a nice Italian Tuscan red blend with dinner and….it was our last bottle. It hit me the next morning that it was the first time in 40 years that I did not own a single bottle of wine. Send the medics!! Send Gallo!! Hell, send Jack Daniels!!

Living the Napa Valley culture for so long, we do enjoy our wine with the evening meal. I’m surprised by how magnified that enjoyment is as we relax to dinner with our changing landscapes around us. I notice our many camping neighbors enjoying the same. It may be a home on wheels, but part of our camping fun is to make it  our own rolling French Laundry.

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