Saturday, September 5, 2015

They come from all over the world

Without planning it this way, we find ourselves participating in what is known and marketed as the Grand Circle.    It is a suggested  tour of the major  National Parks, Monuments and the related natural attractions and general vastness of our great southwest.  We have a place unique to the world here and it is being marketed to the world with amazing success.
Cathy and I first started commenting on the foreign language being heard spoken while we were at Yosemite.  Once in Vegas, we remarked about our German and Japanese campground neighbors.  Then in Zion, it was dominant. At times, on shuttle bus rides to various sights and trails, 80% of the packed bus was from somewhere else.  I love it. It makes me feel quite proud to be American and in our way in this phase of our journey be sharing our country’s wonders with the world.
Besides that, there is the money. Our media remain intent on telling us how dreadful the economy of everywhere is.  I would enjoy suggesting that none of the global visitors we have seen are here for free. They are spending global economic cash. Many of them love to camp their way along and we have seen an endless array of rental campers in our parks. It’s all money that is being spent here, our USA.
Oh yes, I mentioned Las Vegas. My afore mentioned pride wobbles a bit when I think that, for many of these foreign guests, Las Vegas is a quintessential American experience. But then, we just stopped off there. Why? Because we get a kick out of it as a quintessential American experience! Go figure.

This is from Greenwire: Wednesday, February 18, 2015
The National Park Service announced yesterday that it had more than 292.8 million recreational visitors in 2014 -- a higher annual total than any time in its nearly 100-year history.

The tally is about 5.6 million above the previous visitation record of 287.2 million, which was set nearly 30 years ago in 1987, when President Reagan was still in office.
And still they come.

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