Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Utah Wonderland

We are now in Torrey, for the close access to Capital Reef National Park and route 12 to Boulder, Utah, and beyond, one of the top ten scenic drives in the US. Our campground, Thousand Lakes, easily rates as best “backyard” view yet. On our way here from Bryce, it dawned on me how remote we are in this stage of travels. In the last two weeks, our drives have been on Utah State highways. They have taken us through quite a few towns, but none have had a population greater than 300. Grocery shopping? Hah! We had a local tell us he travels 100 miles to the closest supermarket. We have been eating simply, salads when we encounter decent produce, frozen veggies and wild caught frozen seafood, which, with today’s modern fishing vessels that process and freeze the catch on board, can be quite good. . Eating out means grease and salt, always delicious when done well but not fit for a steady diet.  We’ve seen no care clinics or hospitals, so hope we do not need! It has been nearly all ranches and rocks, views, motels and campgrounds, restaurants and touristy gift shops. Imagine a place in America where you can drive 300 miles and not see a single McDonalds! It has been great. Back to our campsite. Here are a few pictures from this morning, from the back of Vilia.

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