Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Utah makes national news

I wrote earlier about our hike up a gorge that had been a gravel road but had been wiped out by a June flash flood. The aftermath we walked was quite amazing in the havoc that had been wrought on the landscape. Our current rain is part of a wider system that has some of that type power to parts of it. The Hildale UT flood is locally being called a 100 year event. I wake this AM to find that more lives were lost in flooding at Zion Nat’l Park late yesterday. The weather we had there so recently was so ideal it is difficult to imagine raging flooding. In Hildale, the typically placid town stream went from a few inches to four feet in a matter of minutes. Strong enough to float cars away.  The flood came from high country far enough distant that no one in town was aware that an unusual weather event had taken place. 2” of rain in an hour in an area that all funneled to that stream in this high desert town. So here we are in the midst! Tourists quickly educated in the fact that rain behaves different in these here parts.

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