Monday, September 28, 2015

Red Moon In Red Country
I hope everyone had the right skies to be able to see the Lunar Eclipse last night.  What a treat! And a nice long show. It was fun to see it from Lake Powell. The moon’s red color mirrored the red sandstone that surrounds us. 
We rented a boat for a day, on Saturday and puttered our way around a portion of the lake, in and out a few of its many side canyons. It was terrific. It is easy to see why boat ownership is so very popular. We had a great day and what a way to spend recreational time. Water temp in the mid seventies and we stopped often to jump in, as our day was into the nineties. Our boat was their least expensive option and still priced dearly. There’s little competition here.  It was a deck boat that could have seated a party but was perfect for our purposes, which was to sight see and swim.   Many spots of the lakeshore are against sheer cliffs that go straight down, we were able to slip in very close to some dramatic rock walls. Swimming up to them was a unique and somewhat intimidating experience! We finished our day with a happy hour glass of sparkling wine and some cheese and crackers while floating along with the engine off. There’s that Elmo and Gracie again…living it up!

Here are pics of this early morning’s  moonset  in light clouds to the west and the opposing east sky.

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