Tuesday, June 7, 2016

And Now, A Word About The Local Diet.

Vernal, Utah. We are repaired and depart today for a short drive north into the Flaming Gorge for a couple of days. I'm glad it's not Flaming George. I'm a happily married man!
Anyhow...since 1968 the flow of the Green River, (our rafting river as it flows downstream through Vernal and Dinosaur National Monument), The Gorge has been stopped up by a 500 foot tall dam which has created a 90 mile long lake that snakes through the Gorge. Should be a sight to see.
While our stay was rich with many wonderful views of Nature's local creations, it is good to be finally moving on.  It did have one exceptional restaurant, but Vernal is a town where Tripadvisor has Subway as a well reviewed restaurant. In the local Smith's market, (part of the giant Kroger supermarket dynasty), in the frozen foods area, one entire 40 foot aisle side is devoted to frozen pizza. Maybe that's not unusual for these kind of stores. My shopping experience in Napa Valley was very different. The heart of the Vernal economy, is the oil and gas found in this Uintah Basin. I guess it is a case of the Wine Diet vs. The Petroleum Industry Diet.

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