Thursday, June 2, 2016


I had entered a few days back about our tribulations with Lippert Components, the maker of our jack and leveling system. So we do achieve resolution and they agree to ship the part we needed to fix our issue at no charge. Order to ship is placed 5/25, After the holiday weekend we get notice they shipped the part 5/31. Really? A week sitting in the shipping dept before acting on it? So, it will arrive 6/6 and we should be on the road again, thank you Willie Nelson, by 6/8. We had stops planned in SE Idaho prior to Jackson, Wyoming and the Tetons. Now we will need to beeline to the Tetons so we do not miss our reservations at some of the best RV parks in the country.
We will be living the scenery and do hope this current period of down time is repaired effectively and efficiently.
I have had a couple of service technicians say the same along our way about the get going mentality of those living in an RV full time. We sure have absorbed it. Let's get this mechanical delay done with...It's time to go!

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